Room Vibe LED Floor Lamp


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Want to add dramatic lighting to your home without drilling into the ceiling, taking up valuable floor space, or cluttering up a table? This sleek, minimalist LED Floor Lamp takes a page out of Scandinavian aesthetics with a 90-degree, two-leg base that aligns with a corner of the room. The glowing light faces the wall for a beautiful, glowing halo of indirect light that offers dramatic shadows and a high-tech look. With a base available in both white and black, it fits seamlessly in with your existing decor, and a full RGB controller allows you to select any color in the spectrum with just a tap.

  • This minimalist remote-controlled corner standing light measures approximately 55” tall with a 16” leg length and has LED lighting throughout its entire height.
  • Select your color(s) of choice with the convenient color changing RGB remote control, which also lets you mix and match colors and modes for exciting lighting options.
  • Brighten or dim the lighting output to match the mood of your room: soft for evening hours, or stronger during the day to light up a den, office, hotels, lobby, bedroom, kids room, or living room.

Our Minimalistic Floor Lamp was designed with a sleek and stylish design, the perfect versatile lighting tool for you to place at any corner of your household. It is more of a piece of art than a lamp!.

The Minimalistic Floor Lamp was engineered with the latest LED technology which can produce millions of color, in order for you to stimulate the best lighting experience.

Feel free to combine the colors of the Minimalistic Floor Lamp as it can display mono-color, bi-color, and tri-color lightings up to 350 different color combinations!

It is also made with reforged aluminum, providing a light yet durable lamp so that you do not have to spend extra cost and replace your lamps constantly.


  • Minimalistic design
  • Fully customizable
  • User-friendly
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Triangular bracket structure, stable and will not tip.


  • Height140cm/55in
  • Leg length: 40cm/15in
  • Remote Control – 30m signal reach
  • 16+ million colors
  • 350+ multicolour modes/effects


Can it take 220v or just 110v?
It is 110-220v capable, with an AC adapter and a wall plug.

Do you know if it retains its most recent color/brightness settings if powered off then back on?
Yes, it will retain its most recent color/brightness settings.

Are the bulbs exposed on the backside?
No, the bulbs are not exposed on the backside.

Are bulbs replaceable?
The LED is embedded. It is not replaceable but normally lasts 50,000 hours.

Does this put out any heat? How far from furniture do you recommend?
It emits barely any heat. You can put it close to the furniture if you want.

Does it light up a room like a floor lamp would?
Yes, but if you put the light source toward the corner of the wall, it might not be as bright as a traditional floor lamp.

Is there an app that can control this lamp?
No, there is no app that can be used to control the lamp.

Does it change colors?
Yes, you can use the remote to change colors.

Is it dimmable?
Yes, it is dimmable.

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Black, White